mehi! I’m Allison and welcome to my blog, presentalle.  

This blog is a space for expression, exploration, and elevation. I believe that every moment is precious, and choosing to tune into frequencies of joy and gratitude are essential for learning how to breathe love daily. In my experience, it’s not easy but it’s always worth it.

Let us be here now. Using laughter, a cup of tea, smiles from flowers, hugs from strangers, art, singing, dancing, reading, playing, praying, and learning to navigate our souls to our truest potentials. Essentially being present in the moments that pass by. Present in the dark and present in the light. No running, no hiding.

I want to encourage those around me, friends, family, and strangers to reign in their beauty. Regin in your eyes, in your touch, in your words. Be Honest. Explore knowledge, ask questions, and challenge your perspectives. Share your fears, your stories, your passions, your creativity and your being. Understand the paradoxes we exist in and don’t take anything too seriously. :~)

This is what I’m doing here, and I invite you to join.