How Can I Speak My Truth | 3 ways to taking your power back.

How can I speak my truth? The Key word here is speak. How can I physically begin to voice my truth? As a child, I was the “quiet” one. You know the introverted, listen before speaking, keeps to them self-kind of kid.

Now as an awakened adult, I’m realizing how I was empathic and intuitive in those times.  I was always negotiating with other peoples needs, wants, and energies. I would easily pick up on where they stood and made do with whatever was left over for me. I did this to not rock the boat. I didn’t want any confrontation. I felt like I understood situations and dynamics enough to know that I could be okay if I took on more. It was easier this way and no one, sadly, ever really noticed. I didn’t go about this in a people-pleasing way or to feel needed either.  It’s like if there was a spill, I would quietly clean it up so no one would get hurt and keep moving.

Fast forward to now, I want to stop negotiating like this specifically energetically.  I work really hard to live my truth on a day to day basis. Checking in with myself, sitting with new information, questioning, opening, letting myself feel my emotions and be guided, curating my space, awareness, and energy to the vibrations of love and joy that I want to experience in life and etc. So I live my truth but how can I be sure that I am speaking it?

How can I be more upfront about how I feel, what I need, what I like, and what is okay with me? This post is a reminder for anyone who relates, to stand in your power! While it is heavily influenced by what I want to work on, I hope it’s applicable to you as well.

So here we go. Three ways to speak your truth:

1. Voicing boundaries. This means saying, clearly,  what you mean, feel, and need without filtering it for a specific situation or person. (this does not mean disregarding various relationship dynamics or communication styles, etc. ) If your intentions are clear and in love, it will be respected. It is not up to you how someone will receive it, but it is up to you to voice what YOU need. Ask yourself if this is really okay with me before agreeing to something. It also includes asking others to clarify what they mean, feel, or need so you can meet them in love as well.

2. Stand up for yourself. It’s okay to have different perspectives and to voice that, even if it goes against what is considered normal or accepted. (understand that this does not include opinions that limit and oppress the rights or wellbeings of others). If you express a boundary, stand firmly in it.  You no longer have to go out of your way to make sure others are comfortable just because you can understand different perspectives and the relationships between them.

3.  Remember that God, your guides, and angels are all with you on this journey. You are valid, understood, capable and most importantly loved. 

I really hope this helps! Let me know what you think in the comments. Please feel free to share any tips or insights on the topic. Thanks for being here. ❤


With love,

-alle rae





Author: presentalle

Hi. I'm Allison. A twenty-something, exploring, learning, and loving as presently as I can.

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