On Grounding

I personally have a tendency to get lost. Lost in the clouds, in concepts, in dreams, and in feelings. This is just a friendly reminder to ground for anyone else who may need this. (Especially when integrating new energies). Our physicality is beautiful and grounding is remembering to come back to just that. My favorite ways to ground are singing, dancing, and being in nature. What about you?

Also, here is a little poem I wrote to remind myself to ground. I often times forget and then I wonder why I’m feeling down after having been on a high. The answer is always grounding.

it came to fruition

how beautiful it is to be

we sing and fill our lungs with love

we dance bone to bone

we are free

we are joy

we exist in the clouds

 but walk on the earth

and so with honor 

(disclaimer: all photos used were taken by me unless stated otherwise btw. )


Author: presentalle

Hi. I'm Allison. A twenty-something, exploring, learning, and loving as presently as I can.

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