A Foray into Blogging

hi. This is my official, unofficial, first post! Welcome to my blog Presentalle.

With slight homage to the word “presently” and a slighter shoutout to my being, this is what I’m trying to do here and in life. To be more vulnerable and meet each moment, each person (myself included), and each situation as is.

I have had a lot of issues with trying to control things in the past but learning to let go, accept, and trust have been a reoccurring theme for me for a while now.  I’ve noticed the more I surrender the more everything works out and better than expected. So I’m surrendering to my passions and my curiosity.

From a young age I have been keenly attracted to self-introspection. I’ve searched and searched for resources and perspectives that offer light and love, and I often incorporate whatever resonates. My intentions are always to heal and grow and have a damn good time.

so here on this blog, I want to share that journey with you! You can expect it through waves of poetry, photography, and recounts of my personal experiences, plus some practical help, like recommendations in books, videos, podcast, information, etc.

My hope is that you can sense how much more connected we all are and decide to love and laugh instead.

-with love,

alle rae


Author: presentalle

Hi. I'm Allison. A twenty-something, exploring, learning, and loving as presently as I can.

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